Hello World

Hello World

Yet again the website is up and running and it can greet the world around it (the Internet).

It has come a long way to get to this point (yet again I’d have to add), but don’t worry. This time it is for good.

I first started off with a simple Drupal 6 installation which was ok for a start. It meant I had to SFTP to my site each time I wanted to unpack and install a new module or theme; it eventually became such a pain to do since Drupal 7 was released. I mean, really, who wants to SFTP to the website each time if you can achieve the same results from a few clicks on the CMS interface? And that’s where the problems started, of course I will want to upgrade and use the new Drupal 7 interface over my current Drupal 6 interface.

After my upgrade to Drupal 7 I was faced with an issue where Drupal 7 keeps on asking me for my FTP detailsL. This was somewhat disappointing as I did not have any FTP service installed on my server. I did eventually install ProFTPd to my server and configured a dummy user account for use with my Drupal 7 installation and things were looking up againJ.

After running the website for a while I decided to help a friend out by hosting they’re website on my server by means of Drupal Multi-hosting, and so yet again there came a snag. My initial website would work perfectly with the FTP user details but for some or other reason the second website did not accept these details. It was then suggested that I use WordPress and create a Network of Sites.

And so, here we are today, the WordPress Network is up and running and Domain Mapping is enabled. Site number one and two are up and running with all modules centrally maintained in the WordPress Network. I really hope this will be the way forward. I must say I was somewhat surprised to see that I can post to my blog directly from MS Word 2012. Now I can post without having to go on to the website itself, it’s so easy.

I’m sure posting will come easier and more frequent. Hope to see you soon.

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