YouTuber creates virtual drum set, bangs out Pokémon theme song in VR

YouTuber creates virtual drum set, bangs out Pokémon theme song in VR

Why buy a drum set when you can use an HTC Vive and create your own perfect virtual setup?

Well, that’s exactly what YouTuber Emre Tanirgan did when he covered the theme song to Pokémon down to a T.

Tanirgan is currently developing a VR application that will allow users to create their own virtual drum set and play it on Vive. Named Paradidddle, it’s still in the very early stages. The video shows low-texture models in place of hi-hats, snares, and toms. Users can move around various pieces of the drum set using Vive’s motion controllers and can then play on them. Surprisingly, Tanirgan was able to add dynamic sounds, meaning how hard he hits the snare affects the sound. These variances in attack have not been added to the symbols, however, and it’s still unclear how Tanirgan is hitting the bass drum. Either way, it’s still a very cool testament to the power and potential of VR.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to make a virtual drum set. There are a few “air drum sticks” out on the market, but because those solutions only use accelerometers and not Vive’s motion detectors, accuracy can be questionable. Nintendo once infamously tried to implement the playing of virtual instruments with the Wii motion controls. That indecent, however, has put Nintendo forever in the E3 vault of embarrassments. Even now, GIFs of Ravi Drums bashing away and virtual cymbals still pops up on gaming message boards.

As of now, it’s not known when Paradiddle will become available to download. And for Oculus owners, there may be hope, as the Rift now supports four room sensors for increased accuracy. […]

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