Microsoft finally rolls out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, new features

Microsoft finally rolls out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, new features

The new update doesn’t have as many new features as the desktop update for computers, but there are a few nice capabilities included, such as a new camera shortcut, and the ability to control media from the lock screen.

Another big update comes to the Wallet app, which now supports tap to pay, however you will have to be a member of one of seven banks, and you’ll need to own a Lumia 650, 950, or 950 XL. The camera app, apart from gaining a new shortcut, now also supports features like panoramic view. You’ll also get a ton more emojis to mess around with.

Cortana has also been given a few more features, such as the ability to find your phone. Using another device, you can now ask Cortana to ring your phone for you, which is part of the effort by Microsoft to make the experience across multiple devices more seamless, even with devices that don’t actually use a Microsoft operating system.

To get the update for yourself, head to Settings, then tap on Update & Security, then hit Phone Update, and finally Check for Updates. It seems as though the update is currently only available to carrier unlocked phones, so you may have to wait a little unless you managed to get the update through the Windows Insider program. According to Microsoft, availability of the update will depend on “manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations, and other factors.” […]

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