Microsoft: Xbox Scorpio will support native 4K gaming

Microsoft: Xbox Scorpio will support native 4K gaming

The Xbox’s Project Scorpio is still a year away, but Microsoft is already making some pretty bold claims about the console’s computing power. Unlike the majority of games running on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, which upscale to 4K instead of delivering it natively, it appears that Microsoft’s upgraded system won’t have to make such a concession.

While the technical specifications released for the Xbox Scorpio are fairly limited right now, the information Microsoft has provided suggests it’s more capable of rendering in 4K than the PlayStation 4 Pro. Its GPU boasts 6 teraflops of performance compared to a little more than 4 on Sony’s system (and 1.3 on the original Xbox One). Like the current lineup of PlayStation 4 systems and the Xbox One S, it will also support HDR. […]

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