Microsoft warns of fake MSE installer Hicurdismos

Microsoft warns of fake MSE installer Hicurdismos

Microsoft has issued a warning to Windows users to be on alert for Hicurdismos. Hicurdismos is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installer that tricks users into thinking their PC has died. When Hicurdismos is launched it creates a fake Blue Screen of Death along with an error message telling the user to contact technical support to fix the problem. Of course we know that once you get on that phone, scammers are going to try and drain your wallet for support that you do not need.

Real BSoD messages will not have a tech support number to call and they require you to reboot your PC so you can get into Safe Mode and figure out the problem. One of the ways you can know that you could be downloading and installing a fake malicious installer is by the file name. This particular installer is named, setup.exe and any legitimate company will properly name their .exe files. Microsoft gives the following guidelines to follow should you accidently download and run this or any other installer that is questionable.

Hicurdismos misleads users and lures them into calling a number that can lead to a fake technical support scam. Like most social engineering techniques, it can be avoided by knowledge and alertness. Some important things to note:

  • Real error message screens do not include a support phone number, instead they will provide you with an error code and instructions to search for more information.
  • On Windows 10, Windows Defender is built-in, so there is no need to install Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Microsoft installers are signed by a Microsoft certificate.
  • If you are infected with this scam, use Windows Defender Offline to scan your PC.


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