Valve Anti-Cheat

If a user connects to a VAC-Secured server from a computer with identifiable cheats installed, the VAC system will ban the user from playing that game on VAC-Secured servers in the future. The VAC system reliably detects cheats using their cheat signatures.

ARK: Survival Evolved
Update number one.. We’ll also be introducing a new permanent change will be coming to your CrossARK Clusters: Complete transfer of Items, Tames and Survivors through all MAPS on the Official ARK Network (separated by game mode). Previously, you were only able to transfer Survivors TO Scorched Earth servers, and […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Update 2016-11-17

Dota 2 players help build record-breaking $18M prize pool for The International 2016
Since the inaugural tournament back in 2011, The International has become the defining Dota 2 event on the eSports calendar. Now, there’s word that the prize pool for 2016 has already eclipsed the amounts raised in previous years. As of the time of this writing, $18,661,259 is up for grabs, […]

Dota 2 players help build record-breaking $18M prize pool for ...