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Office 365

MS Office has been available for some years now and every so often it gets upgraded to a new version e.g. Office 2003, Office 2010, Office 2013 and now there is Office 365


With the shift in Microsoft’s focus to become a services company they have decided to show how serious they are about “service” with the release of Office 365. Office 365 is based on a subscription pricing rather than the conventional once off buy. It will set you back 1R64.99/pm or 1R649.99/pa for the full use of MS Office Professional on up to 5pc’s on the Home Premium subscription.

2Office 365 Features:

  • Office on 5pc’s / Mac’s

  • 20GB storage added to your SkyDrive Account
  • 60min of Skype calls per month to selected Countries
  • Automatically upgrade to new office products once they are released
  • Access to Office on Demand


3Compare Office versions:

MS Office 365

MS Office

Home Student

MS Office

Home Business

MS Office Professional


Installs Allowed

5 Devices

1 Device

1 Device

1 Device


R64.99pm / R649.99pa





Office 365 Home Premium Notes:

  1. Current prices at the time of writing, can change without notice, please see up to date pricing on the Office website here
  2. Current features as advertised at the time of writing, can change without notice, please see full features list on the Office website here
  3. Current comparison statistics as per Office website, can change without notice, please see full comparison here
  4. Office 365 Home Premium requires Windows 7/8 and an internet connection for downloading the suite for installation
  5. Please see Office FAQ’s here

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